Exterior Painting | Interior painting

Exterior Painting | Interior painting

Are you searching for exterior and interior painting service provider? Then look no further, Melbourne Painting service is your final stop. We have over ten years of experience in both interior and exterior painting. Every finish is of the top quality and lasts for years to come.

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exterior house painting

Our Australian Work Safety Standard certified painters include:

Concrete painters

Tile painters (exterior and interior)

Kitchen cupboard painters

Roof painters 

Driveway painters

Fence painters

Spray printers

Plaster repair paint  And much more… 

We always use proper precautions to cover the edges and the corners of your house to avoid colour spits on the surfaces.  INSTANT QUOTE! (03)7018 0715

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Extensive paint colour schemes:

As exterior and interior painting service provider, experience has told us some would looking to do minor touch up to part of the areas such as a living room or front yard instead of repaint entire property. By listening to the client’s need, it allows us to be more active in idea exchange. Therefore do a better job than our competitor in Melbourne.

Our paint colour schemes aim to let the painted area blend into the entire environment. We also consider the space brightness, type of finish and the material to paint on.

house façade painting

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Imagine living with walls that have peeled off paint and noticeable strains or watermark which lack of paint repair and maintenance. Your emotion will tend to fluctuate and stay less on a positive vibe. We understand how colour may affect your daily living. Therefore, our extensive interior and exterior house colour schemes are an add to premier painters’ service.