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Hiring a professional painter in Melbourne is sometimes a hard decision, especially there are so many different painters for house in Melbourne. Our specialists can handle any paint job from the kitchen cupboard, living room wall, floor concrete, fence spray paint as well as driveway painting. Our Painting Service Melbourne is your go-to professional who offers affordable painter for house service. 

Painting Service Melbourne is also good at paint repair and small plastering job. Give us a call now to schedule an obligation free on-site inspection.

Clients hire our house painter Melbourne team because:

painter for house

Looking for painter for house? Although you may have a lot of options, whether it is from Google, your friend, next-door neighbour or just another guy on the street. Our unique traits of premier painter Melbourne who good at colour coating a house is your best choice. Our painter for house is passionate about interior painting, spray paint, paint repair and minor touch-ups for surface restoration. 

Our house painter Melbourne team is set to deliver your best desire outcome at great affordability. Call (03)7018 0715 now for an instant quote with the best painter for house in Melbourne and ask for our extensive house colour schemes.

Residential Painting

Painters Melbourne
commercial painting

Commercial painting service

Painting an office for a new fresh look is never easy. Our painter Melbourne service team can handle any size and complexity of the project. So, if you are looking for a painters Melbourne to make the office or workplace appealing and vibrating then call our premier painting service Melbourne team. We service most suburbs in Melbourne along with 10+ years of experience.

Our local painter Melbourne also brings together the latest machinery and equipment, to ensure every job is completed to the highest standard. 

Commercial Painting

Driveway painting and sealing

Our Painting Service Melbourne offers the best concrete driveway experience. Driveway restoration is part of the exterior painting areas some painters in Melbourne did not do it correctly due to its technical requirement. As part of the property outlook, it should be taken care of by competent driveway painters, who know how to make your driveway painting look smooth and evenly painted. 

​Our Painter Melbourne team is your best paint driveways partner when seeking perfect driveway restorations.

Driveway Painting

Driveway Painting

Painting Service Melbourne

Why Choose us

The customer experience provides by our painter in Melbourne is exceptional. Being the top painting service in Melbourne, we received lots of return business and referral. We truly understand the customer’s needs. Therefore we can improve our service and delivery a better job day by day.

Most Trusted

We are the best painter for house you can fully trust. Our painters Melbourne always acts in the customer’s best interest.

Excellent Support

From the first site inspection to delivery of the job, you will get informed and supported thought-out the process.

Professional Team

Our teams are well experienced and trained with the latest skills.

Transparent pricing

Painting Service Melbourne quote customer with no hidden fee. We even cover any unexpected costs if not quoted.

Fence painting

Anything that comes under the exterior design of the building, like fence painting is equally important. Because that can contribute towards the beautification of the property. Only when the fence painting job is done correctly by our painters Melbourne, it can stand against the weather for an extra-long period.

For the diverse preferences of our customers, Painting Service Melbourne will provide an extensive range of paint colour schemes ranging from sand wood brown to neutral white. 

Call Painting Service Melbourne on (03)7018 0715 now to get a free quote.

Fence Painting

white fence painting

Paint repair

Apply UV protection paint, remove marks and apply protection for weather damage, these are the main reasons people would repaint their property. But, do you know, around 25% of the paint repair jobs are done to increase the house value? 

Paint repair can be done to increase the house value before it undergoes revaluation or auction. In which, some of these homeowners rely on a responsible painters Melbourne like us to carry out this task.

Even though paint repair is a different approach from applying paint on a new surface. It can be done by our painter for house team cost-effectively. Call Painting Service Melbourne on (03)7018 0715 now to get a free quote.

Paint Repair

Lead paint removal

Was your house built before the 1970s?

Lead paint was once popularly used because of its many upsides. For example, it gets dry quicker, maintains good outlook and durability for a long time. However, research has proved it is a hazard to the people who live in a lead paint house. Painting Service Melbourne will detect any lead paint caused hazard on the painted area.

The hazard is coming from the releasing lead dust or fumes. It is easy for a human to inhale those tiny lead dust and fumes. It will cause severe damage to our nervous system and kidney. The Australian government has been discouraging lead paint since the 90s until this present day.

With the lead paint stripping services, our painter Melbourne will eliminate the toxic paint and replace it with non volatile organic compound (VOCs) paint.

best service award
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